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At GoPGMS, we believe that every PG/ Hostel owner should have access to technology that simplifies their management process. Our goal is to provide a secure and smart solution for PG /Hostel owners, making their facilities more efficient and hassle-free. With our app, managing your fully-furnished rooms, long-term rentals, PG for men, PG for women, Cottages or Hotels becomes super easy.

GoPGMS isn't just limited to PGs. Our software is suitable for managing customers and staff for all types and sizes of Service apartments, Hostels, Resorts, Guest houses, Lodges, Cottages, and more. We're excited to help you on your journey to smarter and more streamlined management. Choose GoPGMS today and experience the convenience and efficiency of technology-driven management.

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We're Help Customers Get Their Success

The GoPGMS is a modern solution that enables PG/Hostel owners to overcome the most significant challenges faced while managing their PGs in old traditional ways.

Keep Your Guests Happy

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Priority Chat and Call Support

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Online Rent Collections

Optionally, collect rents online for no extra charge or a small-fee enabling digital rents.

Seamless Document Management

Say good-bye to lost receipts and proofs with everything available always.

Creative Team

Our Greatest Minds

GoPGMS is an initiative of Intend Technosoft Pvt Ltd to transform the complex old ways of managing PG business into innovative simpler ones with the help of technology.

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VS Reddy - Director
VS Reddy


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Safi Ahmed - Director
Safi Ahmed


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Rushikesh Tayde - Director
Rushikesh Tayde


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