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Manage Multiple Branches

With GoPGMS, you can easily manage multiple budget PG accommodation or hostel branches at no additional cost. Whether you have one or many branches, our software allows you to streamline your operations with ease. You can customize your PG /Hostel management experience based on the selected branch with Branch level configuration, enabling you to manage your properties with precision and efficiency.

Guest Data Management

Self Checkin
Streamline your guest check-in process with GoPGMS. Using SMS or QR codes, invite your guests to provide their personal details for easy and efficient hostel accommodation management.
Late Rent Payment Fine: Automatically impose late payment fines on guests with GoPGMS paying guest management software. Ensure timely payment of rent and streamline your budget PG accommodation or hostel management process.

Late Rent Payment Fine
Automatically impose late payment fines on guests with GoPGMS paying guest management software. Ensure timely payment of rent and streamline your budget PG accommodation or hostel management process.

Simple Rent Management

GoPGMS makes rent collection and recording hassle-free for PG/ Hostel room accommodations. Collect rent online or in-person with ease. Keep all payment records in one place and worry less about data loss with our backup facilities. GoPGMS is an ideal solution for cheaper PG rooms, hostels for rent, and affordable rooms for rent. Find ladies accommodation in Bangalore, single room pg accommodation, single room for rent, house for rent, or flat for rent near you with GoPGMS.

Room Management

Efficiently managing your PG / Hostel rooms is made possible with GoPGMS. Keep track of future bed vacancies and ensure that all beds are utilized effectively. With daily, weekly, or monthly reports, you can stay up to date with the number of available accommodations. Whether you offer rooms for sharing basis or single room pg accommodation, GoPGMS has got you covered. Also, if you're looking for affordable rooms for rent, cheaper PG rooms, or hostels , GoPGMS can help streamline the management process.

Bills & Utility Management

Tracking utility bills and charges for a large number of guests can be time-consuming and complicated. But with GoPGMS, it's a breeze. Our utility feature allows you to set up electric meters for your properties, record meter readings each month, and assign charges based on guest stays. You can even receive electricity bills alongside your guests' rent payments, making utility management simpler and more efficient. And with the flexibility to manage multiple branches, GoPGMS is ideal for businesses with a variety of accommodations, including room-for-sharing basis, cheaper PG rooms, hostels, lady's accommodations and single room accommodations.

Report Generation

Our software will generate comprehensive reports that will allow you to keep track of the entire infrastructure. It will help you manage your institution more efficiently and make decisions concerning the welfare of your hostel or PG accurately. Also, you can get the reports in any order you like- daily, weekly, or monthly.

SMS & Notifications

With GoPGMS, stay on top of your PG /Hostel operations with instant notifications and alerts. Our software sends SMS and email notifications to both PG /Hostel owners and tenants for rent reminders, payment due, payment confirmations, notices, and task reminders. This ensures that both parties are up-to-date and informed about any important updates or deadlines. And with our customizable options, you can choose to receive notifications in the format that suits you best. Whether you're managing a hostel for rent, cheaper PG rooms, or ladies accommodation, GoPGMS makes sure you never miss a beat.


With GoPGMS, tracking your monthly expenses is simple and efficient. You can easily manage and monitor your bills for utilities like water and electricity, as well as grocery expenses. Additionally, you can easily keep track of staff payments and building rents, making it easier to stay on top of your financial obligations. This feature allows PG / Hostel owners to efficiently manage their expenses and ensure that all bills are paid on time.

User Management Roles

GoPGMS offers flexible user management roles that can be customized to suit your PG or hostel management needs. You can create different roles for staff, such as accountants or receptionists, with varying levels of access to the features of the software based on their responsibilities. This ensures that the right people have access to the right tools, and that your data remains secure. Whether you manage a PG facility with rooms for sharing basis or hostel accommodation , GoPGMS makes user management simple and efficient.

Complaints Status & Resolve Status

With GoPGMS, managing guest complaints is a breeze. Our software offers a complaints status and resolve status feature that lets you stay on top of any issues raised by your guests. You can track the progress of complaint resolution and ensure that guests' concerns are addressed promptly. This feature enhances the guest experience and helps you maintain a positive reputation in the market. Whether you offer room for sharing basis, cheaper PG rooms, hostel for rent, affordable rooms for rent, ladies accommodation , single room PG accommodation, single room for rent, house for rent or flat for rent, GoPGMS will help you manage your guest complaints effectively.